Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the portable baby

Maddie girl is 7 weeks old and I can count on one hand how many times I've taken her out shopping by myself, and only one of those times was to go grocery shopping.  Today I will attempt grocery shopping with her again.  You see, I have a fear of taking my new little baby out in public by myself.  Why you ask, oh, because I'm terrified of being the person who can't control their kid, even though my kid happens to be a tiny little baby I still don't want her screaming and crying in a store.  I don't know, the whole idea gives me anxiety.  

However, I do have all of the necessary gear to take babykins out in public, 2 strollers (a BOB jogging stroller and an UppaBaby Vista) and 2 baby carriers (Baby Bjorn and Moby Wrap).  

The best purchase that I made as far as toting the babe around with me is..... the baby bjorn active!  It's comfortable (I've heard many complaints about it causing back pain, the active version has more lumbar support) and I purchased it from Gilt Group so I got it for a killer deal.  The moby is decent, it doesn't feel super secure for a newborn so I still find myself holding her head with one hand while she's in it, plus it's not as easy to get on and take off as the Bjorn is.  

As far as strollers go, the BOB is smooth and looks pretty good even though it is pretty sporty looking and I bought the car seat adapter so I could just hook her car seat in and go for a walk before she has full head control.  The biggest problem with the BOB is that it's really heavy and it's pretty large.  If you don't plan on hauling it in or out of your car on a daily basis and need a stroller for outdoor use, it's a great stroller.  For everything else, the UppaBaby Vista has been a champ!  I bought mine in the silver color and it looks pretty sleek and clean.  Super smooth ride and very easy handling.  I love that it comes with the bassinet for newborns and the seat for older babies.  The best part is that IF and when we do decide to have another kiddo, the Vista can be converted to tote around 2 babies.  So I could justify the price as I will be able to use it again some day.  

At the end of the day, the Baby Bjorn is my top pick for transporting Madeleine around.  I wear it around the house when I'm doing laundry or cooking, I wear it to calm her down when she's really fussy, and I always use the Bjorn when I take her out in public because it really does feel incredibly secure, it's easy to put on and take off and it doesn't look too ridiculous, the best part is that I always have 2 hands free for shopping.  

What gear do you use to take your baby out in public?  


  1. Jealous of your BOB! I plan to smooth-talk my hubby into that purchase, since I'm a runner, and plan to keep up the active lifestyle when our baby arrives! I've heard so many awesome things about it! Also, I plan to use the Bjorn, too -- seems the most comforting for a new mom! =)

  2. I'm a runner too but I do most of my running on the treadmill. I've tried jogging with the BOB but it feels awkward to me to run while pushing something and I'm a little paranoid to run with the BOB while I still have to use the carseat adaptor. Maybe I'll feel differently when she's a little older and I have my old running body and endurance back. If you do buy a BOB, we bought ours at REI during one of their sales and got a great deal on it. :)