Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Time Is Coming or Here

I know that for many people Christmas time begins the day after Thanksgiving, and it seems for a lot of people this year Christmas time began the day after Halloween.  Well, for me Christmas time begins the first day of December.  Not for my husband though, he's one of those people who is ready to start celebrating Christmas the day after Thanksgiving.  Since this is our first year celebrating Christmas with our baby girl we're thinking about what we want our traditions to be regarding the holidays.  

We've already decided and implemented that Thanksgiving will be celebrated at our house from now on, with this being our first Thanksgiving in 8 years where neither of us had to get in the car and drive to multiple family get togethers.  

For our Christmas traditions, this is what we plan on doing:

1.  We're going to get our Christmas tree the first weekend of December every year.  

2.  Outdoor Christmas lights, stockings and other Christmas decor will go up the day after Thanksgiving. 

3.  Maddie will have a mini Christmas tree in her room (a friend of mine always had this when we were growing up and I thought it was soooo cool!) 

4.  A new Christmas ornament will be added every year, purchased from where ever we take our family vacation at (this is a tradition that we do in my family, I have a NYC taxi ornament that hangs on my mom's tree every year.) 

5.  Our Christmas tree topper will go on the tree on Christmas Eve (this is a tradition that husby's family does every year.)  

I love that we'll be taking a tradition from my family, a tradition from his family and starting traditions of our own.  For both of our families the Christmas tree just went up whenever it went up, mostly based on how busy the family was or wasn't.  

Are you starting any new Christmas traditions this year?  

To insight a little holiday spirit, here's a picture of Maddie girl in her little Christmas onesie.  

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  1. She's soooo precious, Crystal!! My DH is all about getting the house decorated the Friday after Thanksgiving, so we already have everything up. =) I love the idea of a little tree in the baby's room!