Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Baby Motivation

Before I was pregnant I had heard that it was customary for new moms to receive pearls from their husbands, but it was more of an East coast or Southern tradition.  Then early in my pregnancy a friend asked me what I wanted my husband to get me as a 'push present' after our daughter was born.  Silly me, I hadn't even thought of it for myself.  So I brought the subject of a push present up to my husband and he was all for it.  After some careful thought, I decided that I wanted a charm bracelet that I could one day pass down to my daughter.  And so began the search for a timeless charm bracelet that would be appropriate for me to wear now and be appropriate to give to my daughter in about 20 years.  Tiffany had the perfect solution:

There's something good in there!  

Tiffany has classic charms and their chains are built so that every link opens meaning that you can make the chains to any length that you desire.  So what I have now is a chain that can be worn as a necklace or bracelet now and when Maddie is old enough I'll give her half of the chair and the charms that were given to me on the day that she was born. :)  When the hubs gave me my push present he also gave me 3 charms: a little baby cup charm with ABC blocks engraved on it, a small circular charm with an M for Madeleine on it, and a heart charm with pink sapphires (Madeleine's birth stone) embedded into it.  I absolutely love this piece of jewelry.  I think charm bracelets are classic and meaningful but still fun.  The fact that I'll be able to share this with my daughter someday just makes me so incredibly happy.

Did you receive a push present after the birth of your child?  Do you have something meaningful that you're planning to pass down to your child in the future?


  1. How awesome!! My DH gave me a Tiffany charm bracelet with a rose gold heart on our wedding day, and another charm while we were on our honeymoon. The plan is that with every big event in our lives, he'll get me a charm, and I'm excited to add to it when our baby arrives! (I am super jealous of your particular bracelet with the links that open -- we have to send in my bracelet and new charm to T&Co NY to have it added on!) I love the little ABC cup -- that's what I've had my eye on since I've started looking. =)

  2. I am a little disappointed that Tiffany doesn't make all of their charms in different metals though; they have a really cute wedding cake in yellow gold that I'd love to receive for a future anniversary but I'd like it to match the other charms. And bummer about having to send it back every time you have a charm added, but I know they're pretty quick. I had to have a necklace sent back to be repaired and it took less than 2 weeks to get it back. :)

  3. I totally agree, they should have the options of any metals in any charm!! Though, I've already decided that different metals (or even some of the other materials like jade) might just make my charm bracelet more edgy. =)

    Yeah, it doesn't take too long considering they have to send it to NYC. But man, those 8 days to get my e-ring resized almost killed me! (And really, it could have taken 10 days!)