Friday, September 9, 2011

UPDATE: She's Stubborn, Just Like Her Mama

So my appointment this morning left me feeling like I was going to cry. Not only am I more than 39 weeks pregnant and still not dilated AT ALL...the nurse that I normally see told me that my doctor is planning on leaving the practice at the end of September and she was shocked that my doctor hadn't already told me. Because I'm using my family doctor as my OB and as Madeleine's pediatrician I'm crushed that I'll have to find a new doctor by the end of the month. The upside is that she's moving to a practice that is still covered by my insurance and it's to an office that is only 15 - 20 minutes away, so I could still go see her but it won't be the 5 minute commute that I've grown accustomed to. Double whammy this morning.

So how did I lick my having lunch with my mom and then some retail therapy. Picked up this beauty for my entryway...can't wait to have Mike hang it up. :)

Pier 1 Imports - Product Details - Antiqued Red Wall Clock

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  1. nice clock (: although it is a little toooo oval-y for me personally? haha! (if there even is such a thing :P) hope all is well with your pregnancy... fingers crossed you'll be delivering soon.