Thursday, September 15, 2011

Its D Day

D as in Due Date! Today, September 15th, is my official due date to have my daughter, Madeleine. Only problem is that she's not even budging. There are no contractions, no leaking, no pain, basically there are absolutely no signs that she's going to be making her debut anytime soon.

Selma Blair recently delivered her baby almost 2 weeks past her due date

So last week when I scheduled an appointment to have my hair done on my due date, everyone balked at me telling me that there's no way that I'd make the appointment. I just looked at them dead pan and said "I highly doubt that she'll be here by then" and low and behold, she's not here and I'm betting I'll still be pregnant until I'm induced next Thursday morning.

In the meantime I'll be pampering myself today with a hair appointment and then a manicure. :) This past weekend I indulged in a prenatal massage and pedicure hoping that it would be the last time I'd pamper myself before I had a little baby to take care of, and this morning I find myself somewhat thankful that I'll be able to pamper myself again today. (I say somewhat because I long for the day when I can wear jeans that zip up and have a button closure instead of stretchy maternity jeans, shorts and skirts and I'm dying to see what this little girl looks like. Does she have my nose and Mike's ears? Mike's eyes and my smile? I can't wait to meet this sweet little girl and just admire her beauty, and I'm really looking forward to seeing Mike hold his daughter for the first time.)

Have you ever known anyone that had a baby on their actual due date? I have a feeling that it's pretty rare.

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  1. hooray for a little extra pampering before your baby arrives. i hope your delivery and labor arrive soon and you have a beautiful girl :)