Thursday, March 1, 2012


One of the best parts about being a mom is when Madeleine does seemingly ordinary things but they elicit a lot of excitement out of me.  For instance, last night she stuck her toes in her mouth.  Pretty boring right?  WRONG!!  This absolutely made my day and because Mike was standing next to me when she did it, it made his whole day too.

I'm slowly learning that this is what having kids is all about: finding pleasure in the seemingly meaningless.  Every time she does something new it seriously fills me with excitement!  Earlier this week she also sat up on her own for a few minutes and my heart just swelled with pride.  This is my baby, getting stronger, smarter and more beautiful everyday.  I imagine that this is a feeling that isn't exclusive to babies but I'll always feel this way about Maddie; learning to ride a bike, her first day of school, her first dance, graduating from college, getting married.  I have a lifetime of to be proud of this little girl and it makes me so thankful every day.

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