Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The last few months have included a lot of decision making for me and my family.  In January I retuned to work (working part time and from home), in November my husband and I started the process to have an addition and some renovation work done to our home and Maddie changes a little bit everyday.  After a month of working and feeling incredibly stressed (the complete opposite of how I thought working would make me feel) I decided that being a stay at home mom is what would be best for me and my family.  So yesterday I put in my two week notice with my final day of work on March 15th.  This is the first time that I'll be leaving a position without moving upward, however, I have a beautiful daughter that I want to devote my time to, a (soon to be) beautiful home that I will need to upkeep, and I do plan to earn my CPA during my hiatus from the work force.

In Madeleine related news, yesterday we introduced her to solids and she absolutely loved it!  I'll be honest, I was half hoping that she would get a taste of pears and not like the texture or the taste and I'd have to continue exclusively breastfeeding her for a while longer (I love that breastfeeding her is something that no one else can do for her but me and she clearly prefers me to a bottle), but she absolutely loved it!  Maddie was so excited every time the spoon would come closer to her mouth, recharged with more yummy pears!  I plan on making all of Maddie's baby food myself but her first solid food was not homemade, I used Sprouts organic grilled pears for her first solid (mostly because the selection of organic fruits at my grocery store is shockingly limited), but from here on out I'll be using my Vitamix blender to make her food (I just need to find a good source for organic produce, I think I'll try shopping at Whole Foods later today.)

Mike giving Maddie one of her first bites of solid food, yummy!

With leaving the corporate world I'm entering a world of full-time Mommyhood, and I'm excited about it! Part of that excitement is because I'll finally have the free time to return to blogging regularly and be able to partake in fun activities with my daughter.  

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  1. Welcome back, I've missed you! Your little girl is growing up so fast, and congratulations on your decision to be a SAHM!! Hang in there for the next couple of weeks, it'll be over before you know it!