Friday, September 7, 2012

Home Renovation Progress

Our home is currently being renovated, and while it's underway we're living about 2 hours west of our home in the bay area.  Which is awesome because it's only 30 minutes away from the ocean, but it sucks because we're now apartment dwellers and our dog is in serious need of her backyard.

This was our house after one week of construction:

And unfortunately I didn't think to take any pictures of the exterior of our house the last time that we saw it but here is what the new addition looks like from the interior from about a week ago:

The arches are where the old back of our house was.  There is now a step down that leads into an open concept family room/dining room with a hallway that leads to a laundry room and master suite.

The double doors are where the new back of our house is. Yay!

Framing is done, plumbing is underway, electrical is pretty much done (aside from the actual installation of switches and lights), all exterior doors and windows are installed.  It's really starting to come together.  Our next to-do items for our home renovation are selecting all tile for the kitchen backsplash (countertops are carrarra marble, floors are wood), tile for the master bathroom and shower floor will be a hexagon marble mosaic, master bath shower walls and bathtub backsplash will be subway tiles, and tile for our entryway.  I also need to select paint for pretty much the whole house except for our original living room (it's the only part of the house that has been untouched).

I have to say, the part of our home renovation that I'm most excited about is the new fireplace (we left the original fireplace, in the original living room, untouched):

The new fireplace will mimic this fireplace (except there will be a TV hanging where that mirror is hanging):

I'm so excited to see the whole project completed and happy that we'll be back in just in time for the holiday season.  Unfortunately, we won't be back in time to celebrate Madeleine's first birthday in our home.  But I do have a plan to make her first birthday and special and memorable one, even if it won't be at home. :)

Have you ever done any remodeling to your home?

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  1. Wow!! This looks fantastic!! I can't wait to see the finished house!! And now I can't wait to hear about Madeleine's birthday party. =) [I miss living in the Bay Area!]