Monday, September 10, 2012


I have a fever and unfortunately, more cow bell is not the cure for me.

I have baby fever so bad right now!  I feel like my sweet daughter is becoming less and less of a baby every day and she is steadfastly entering toddlerhood with each new milestone.  With this realization I now long to have another newborn baby in our home, the funny thing is is that my friends who have babies the same age as Madeleine are going through a similar baby fever right now.  There must be some chemical or emotion reaction that comes with a child's first birthday that makes a mother want to have another one.

We're not quite ready to add another baby to our family right now so in to curb my desire to care for and cuddle something small and cute we were considering adopting a second dog.  Our current dog, Sox, is a wonderful family pet.

 This is Sox at the beach with us 

Although I felt like adopting another dog was the perfect solution, Mike was a little more skeptical of bringing another animal into our home when we do have plans to eventually bring two more babies into our home.  So we researched and talked and talked some more and searched the local Humane Society and SPCA adoptable pets for our next addition.  We even took Sox to meet a Great Dane/Pit Bull mix this weekend but it turned out to be a less than enjoyable experience for both Sox and Maddie.   So our conclusion...we're a one dog family.  At least for now anyway.  And in the meantime, my baby fever is still running rampant!  So I'll try to sooth myself with remembering how cute and cuddly Sox was when she was a puppy and because she is still a very snuggly and affectionate dog, I can still cuddle her as much as I need to while Maddie cruises around the house at warp speeds.  :) 

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