Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mommy Remorse

Our new baby girl, Elodie Faye, has arrived and she's absolutely beautiful, perfectly healthy and (knock on wood) turning out to be as easy of a baby as her big sister, Madeleine.  Madeleine is adjusting to being a big sister better than I could have hoped for and my body is feeling GREAT just 9 days after my c-section.  Life sounds pretty grand, right? So where is this remorse that I speak of in the heading? Well, it comes from my mommy-ingrained desire to make everything perfectly equal between both of my girls.

Miss Elodie sleeping the day away at one week old

When Madeleine was born I took newborn pictures of her myself with my new then Nikon DSLR camera.  This time around I was realistic in that I'd either be juggling a toddler while trying to snap pictures of my newborn or that I would be just too tired and let these first weeks pass me by while procrastinating about having newborn pictures done.

The picture I took of Madeleine and used for her birth announcement 

So this time around I planned ahead and booked a photographer for Elodie's newborn pictures.  Here is where my remorse comes into play.  Our photographer took 4 hours on Friday morning to capture beautifully, artful poses of our teeny tiny daughter. They are undoubtedly pictures that we'll treasure forever of this newborn phase that lasts just a short time.  My amature newborn pictures of Madeleine pale in comparison.  

Our photographer taking pics of Elodie

When we were finished with our shoot and on our way back home hubby and I looked at each other and agreed that we should have hired a photographer for Madeleine's newborn pictures as well.  Although I did take pictures of Madeleine when she was a newborn, they honestly do not compare to what we'll have from Elodie's shoot.  

The unfortunate part of remorse, is that often times there is nothing that you can do to remedy the situation.  My sweet Madeleine is now a jumping, running, chatty almost two year old and I can't go back and have professional newborn pictures taken of her.  Additionally, I don't think there is anything I can do to even the score.  I'll just hope that when they're older and looking at their baby books neither of them will ask why Elodie's newborn pictures appear to be of a much higher quality than Madeleine's. 

Do you have remorse about doing something for one of your children but not the other?  Do you strive to make things as equal as possible between your children? 

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