Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Wow!  I can't believe the last time that I posted was in March and now we're officially in May!  April has been such a busy and fun month for my family so there's lots to update on, including Maddie's first Easter, my first night away from my husband and baby at the same time for a friend's bachelorette party, Maddie's first trip to Disneyland and her first San Francisco Giants game.  She's also 7 months old now and we've been getting to more play groups lately but unfortunately, we've been finding that most of the kids in these groups are a year or two older than Maddie bug.

Anyway, for our first catch up post: Maddie's First Easter

I took Maddie outside with her Easter basket a few days before Easter to take some cute pictures of her. :) And I think they turned out great!  The sun was just behind the trees in our backyard so it was still very light out but no direct sun was hitting us, perfect!  I bought both the basket and her little flower headband at JoAnns Fabrics, and while I was taking pictures of Maddie our dog Sox came over to love on her baby a little bit.

The day before Easter, my mom came over and we did a full on Easter brunch, which was delicious!  We also colored Easter eggs for the Easter bunny to hide on Easter morning.  The next day, Maddie and Mike went around the backyard finding all of the hidden Easter eggs.  Fun fact, this was also Mike's first time dying and hunting for Easter eggs.  Once Maddie got her hands on one of those eggs it was pretty difficult to pry them off.

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