Friday, July 29, 2011

Madeleine Leona

Several months ago I purchased a beautiful leather bound journal at Papyrus to begin writing to my yet-to-be-born daughter, Madeleine.  As of today, I haven't written a single word in that beautiful journal.  I haven't even dedicated the journal to her.  Oh the shame...  

It's not that I'm lacking a message or moments that I would like to remember and share, quite the opposite.  I often think of writing in that journal and telling my daughter how much I absolutely love her; vomiting, heart burn, ridiculously swollen feet and mood swings be damned, when I feel her body shifting around in my belly (even when it feels like she's drumming on my ribs) I already know that it's all worth it.  Growing inside me is the culmination of the love that my husband and I share together everyday.  On the day that our daughter finally arrives and we can hold her in our arms and admire our beautiful little baby, our love with grow exponentially.  

So, this blog will supplement the journal that I've yet to write in.  Where words, memories and thoughts are stored is so much less important than the content them.  Blog or journal, these words will be stored for myself, my daughter and my family to return to in the future.  Today marks the beginning of the blog to my daughter, the adventure of growing her (for these last few weeks at least :)), raising her and loving her.  May she know everyday that her parents love her so incredibly much.

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